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GeTec-Solutions Trainee-Mission


The trainee team of our company consists of people who are very familiar with the internship procedure. Team manager Vitali Lehn and competent assistants organize a suitable internship.

We examine and select, with the support of the universities, good and interested students, who have already accumulated practical experience, and we are the contact person for all questions before and during the internship.

The companies themselves can decide who is to come to you. We will help you to complete it
Of the forms and ensure adequate insurance of the trainees for whom
Work permit and obtaining the visa. We help with the arrival and departure and are
Contact for all questions before and during the internship.

GeTec-Solutions makes it possible for students from abroad to come to Germany for an internship in agricultural enterprises for six months. There is a partial possibility to extend the internship to twelve months. The interested parties are agricultural students (from the third year of study) who would like to get to know German process engineering and technologies for agricultural production. After the internship, they should have a solid idea about production, operation management and process engineering so that they can use their experiences in their home country.

Students who complete an excellent internship are the best advertising for their university and their home.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.